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peer-reviewed scientific articles, projectsand events).

CCI provides consultancy, scientific research, and training that focuses on enhancing human performance. The work is led by Dr Itiel Dror and associate consultants, who examine areas such as continuous professional development,decision making, and use of technology through scientific understanding of human cognition.

See, for example, recent papers published in Natureand in The Economist(e.g., 'Ignorance is bliss')that focus on Dr Dror's work in forensic decision making.

CCI has worked with a variety of governmental and commercial entities to increase efficiency and effectiveness (see some of our projects). Because of CCI'sunique perspective, it is able to provide insights and solutions that make good business cases because they show how to achieve 'more for less.'

For more information on specific areas, see Training,Decision Making,Cognition & Technology, Medical Healthcare, andForensic Identification.

For more information, please contact:

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