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Much of Dr. Dror's research in cognitive neuroscience and its application to solve problems in the real world has been covered by the major scientific journals (e.g., Science and Nature --see for example., this Science feature), as well as by the major media outlets (e.g., the BBC, the London and New York Times, the Washington Post, PBS 'Frontline', and The Economist), and in CCI-HQ various events.  

Below is a list of scientific publications by Dr Itiel Dror (cited over 12,000 times, with a h-index of 59 (i.e., 59 articles that are cited over 59 times), including articles with 700+ citations, and over 30 articles with 100+ citations –source Google Scholar). Many of the articles appear on the most viewed list of several journals as well as the most cited; e.g., one article has over 75,000 views). 

The articles are listed below in chronological order (within each year they are listed by alphabetical order). The list does not include papers "in preparation", "submitted", or "under revisions", nor does it include conference proceedings, published abstracts, and book reviews. 

You can view publications by topics: TrainingDecision MakingForensic Identification, and Medical Healthcare