The purpose of the Awards is to recognise excellence in business psychology. The ABP's Awards Programme offers a unique and distinctive platform for the celebration of excellence in Business Psychology.  The ABP Awards focus on demonstrating how applying an understanding of the science of human behaviour can impact and deliver practical value to organisations. 

The judges commented that Dr. Dror's work is: "Truly outstanding and inspiring", "A highly rigorous application of relevant theoretical frameworks", "Truly innovative, breaking entirely new ground in a most challenging context", "Internationally ground-breaking impact -already being used around the world", "Entirely focused on application of conceptual models – underpinned by deep research", and "Impact is highly impressive".

Association for Business Psychology (ABP) Annual Award


The ABP (Association for Business Psychology) Annual Award goes to Dr. Itiel Dror for 'Excellence
in Training' for his work in improving  decision making and reducing bias in expert domains (e.g., healthcare and forensics). 

Also, Dr Dror received the Chairman's Award, for overall recognition across all the 17
​categories, for the best achievements for 'Excellence in Business Psychology'.